Purpose of this Blog

          Basically, this blog is a place where I can rant about movies without having to make someone listen to me.  See, a lot of people have opinions that they think are important and want to share.  However, not everyone cares to listen.  So, instead of annoying those who don't care about what I have to say, I am putting my opinions on here.  I can dish out my opinions and people who care can read them.  And those who aren't interested don't have to listen to them.  Thus making everybody happy and the world a better place.

          This blog will focus mainly on movies and movie-related topics.  However, I reserve the write to talk about books or music on the occasion.  Also, because my religious faith plays a huge part in my life, I will also refer to/talk about/link to things pertaining to my faith.  My purpose is not to preach or shove my "religious propaganda down your throats", but rather, lay a foundation so you better understand where I'm coming from.  (Though, everything I say is my own personal opinion and not that of the LDS Church).