21 May 2012

Hulk (2003)

          Essential plot rundown:  Bruce Banner must face his past as he changes into the Hulk.  I know a lot of people didn't like this movie.  But I rather enjoyed.  I thought it was well made and entertaining.

          I thought the acting was good for the most part.  Everybody performed their parts well.  I thought that Sam Elliot (Ross) did a really good job.  (Though he over acted sometimes).  And Jennifer Connelly is very sexy.

          I also liked the visual style.  Director Ang Lee used multiple panels in the frame to represent a comic book.  Personally, I like movies with a unique style.  I find it interesting when movies go beyond the norm and do something different like this.

          The story was well written too, I thought.  I'm not too familiar with the Hulk's original origins from the comics; I just know that gamma radiation was involved.  So, I don't know how "true" they stayed to the comic.  But I liked the fact that his father did experiments on himself, which in turn, affected Bruce.  It made for a deeper, more complex story.

          Which brings me to my only real complaint.  While I liked having Bruce's father as part of the story, I think they took it too far.  They should have just had him sneaking around, spying on Bruce or whatever.  I don't think they should have had him transform and fight in the end.  They should have saved that for the sequel and let the Hulk's main enemy just be the army in this one.  Also, the mutant dogs were just dumb.  Dogs can't climb trees and it was too dark to really see anything anyways.

          And, on a side note.  When I first saw The Avengers, I noticed that Hulk was small.  (Well, it was pointed out to me actually).  And at first I  thought That's dumb.  He's the Hulk!  He should be big, not small like everyone else.  But, it worked out.  If they made him too big, he wouldn't have fit in.  (I don't know how big he is in the comics).  So, when I saw Hulk again, when he first shows up, he looks comically big.  But, after a while, I got use to him and his size seemed ok.  So, there's just a thought; take it was you will.

          Overall, I really liked it.  I thought the acting and story were strong.  I really liked Ang Lee's choice of visual style.  And for being the Hulk's first CG performance, I liked how he looked.  I honestly don't see why everybody seems to hate this movie.  If you do, make a comment down below and let me know why.

     But that's just my opinion...

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