14 June 2012

3 Ninjas (1992)

          Essential plot rundown:  A bad guy tries to capture three kids in order to blackmail their FBI father.  I remember watching this show as a kid growing up in the mid 90s.  So, I decided to re-watch it to see how it held up over the years.

          Well, it definitely did not age well.  However, it is still a fun movie.  3 Ninjas is full of zany 90s music and goofy sound effects.  The stunt double for the kids' grandfather/teacher doesn't even look like him.  Half the cast is wearing the "traditional" ninja garb, dressed in all black; and they look ridiculous.  Three beach bums try to kidnap the kids and for 20 minutes the movie gets confused and plays out like Home Alone.

          Actually, the beach bums were probably the best part of the movie.  (Even though they totally feel out of place).  They are your stereotypical surfer "Dude, that's gnarly, man!" type guys.  And they played that part well.  They were pretty funny, with a couple of good one liners.

          So, if you grew up watching it, are a little kid, or just like bad movies, then you might like this.  If not, then you probably won't.  But, it's a fun movie, good for a chuckle or two (but not more than that).

     But that's just my opinion...

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