09 December 2012

Movies: A Quadruple-Bladed Sword

Ok, this is something that I've been wanting to write about for a while, but have never gotten around to it for being lazy. But today I finally will (mainly because I'm really bored). This is mostly a response to stupid people complaining about movies. Many people don't seem to understand movies; so I feel the need to give forth my opinion.

What people fail to realize, I think, is that there are different types of movies for different reasons. But, I'm going to classify movies into two groups, each with polarizing ends. These two groups are Business vs Art and Visual vs Dramatic. So, let us begin with Business vs Art.

Probably the number one complaint I hear about movies today is the lack of originality. People always complain about the increasing number of sequels and remakes. There are seven movies in the Saw franchise and Kung-Fu Panda, at one point, had four more sequels planned. And people complain about this a lot. But, the thing they don't understand is that Hollywood is a business. They need to make money. Have you ever stayed to watch the closing credits after a movie?

I think this is from a Star Trek movie.
Do you seen all of those names there?  They all need to get paid; they are not working for free.  And the reason that Hollywood keeps making sequels/remakes is because people keep seeing them.  And if people are seeing them, then they are making money and can afford to pay the grip to put up a light.  The top 9 movies of 2011 were sequels and only 2 of the top 10 movies of all time (not judging for inflation) were not sequels.  Hollywood keeps making sequels because people keep seeing them.  It is a business.

          Then again, movies are also an art.  Some people are interested in telling new stories and doing something different.  These movies aren't meant to make billions of dollars.  And because of that, they don't need to reach the widest audience possible; thus allowing the filmmakers to do what ever they want.  And sometimes these movies don't do well at the box office; but that is ok because they are art and having deeper motives.  But yes, original movies can make lots of movie.  However, when they are dealing with billions of dollars and hundreds of workers, it can be better to stay on the safe side.

          The other forces at work on movies are the visual and the dramatic.  Literature is a dramatic form.  Paintings are a visual form.  Movies are both.  And the complaint here commonly is how such-in-such action movie had a stupid story.  And yes, I agree that all movies should at least have a decent plot; but with many of them, the story is not the most important thing.  Some movies exist mostly for their visual aspects and aren't trying to tell a story.  Movies like the Transformers franchise just want to show giant robots destroying each other; the plot is just an excuse to have them do so.  While other movies, such as 12 Angry Men, focus solely on story and less on visuals (the entire movie essentially takes place in one room).  There is a spectrum and movies can fall on either end or somewhere in the middle.  And some do find a good balance between the visual and dramatic.  But yes, all movies should have a a decent plot, but sometimes that it not the important part.  Nobody complains about the Mona Lisa not having a story.

          Like I said, not all movies are created with the same purpose in mind.  Some are created to make money, some to tell a great story and others to show us something never before seen.  So, basically, what I'm trying to say is enjoy the movie for what it is; no creation is perfect; and if you still need to complain, I would like for you to do better, make you're own damn movie and I'll tell you everything that's wrong with it.

I found this short article on movie theaters while looking for pics

     But that's just my opinion...

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