07 March 2013

The Iron Giant (1999)

          Essential plot rundown:  A boy must protect a giant robot from the government.  I watched this in my class yesterday.  And I guess it's based on a book.

          This is a really good movie.  Probably one of the best things about it is that it can appeal to both kids and adults.  It is not a childish cartoon.  It has a good story and it also has some pretty good themes and messages.  (Though, I felt like it's "anti-gun" moral was a little heavy handed.)  Other than that everything was handled pretty well.

          Like I said, the story is pretty solid, though not entirely original.  It's pretty funny, there are some good one liners and comic timing; it's also a little moving.  (I may or may not have gotten a little teary eyed...)  The animation is good.  The Iron Giant has a cool design.  And he's entirely CG whereas the rest of the movie is traditional hand drawn animation.

          There was only one negative thing I could think of.  I don't see how a train could do more damage than an army.  But I'm glad they haven't done a sequel.

          So overall, I really liked it.  I don't really have much to say other than it has a solid story, good animation, it's funny and moving, and has some good messages/themes.  I feel like this whole post is just me repeating myself...  But you should go see it if you haven't yet.

     But that's just my opinion...

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