25 November 2012

God Bless America (2011)

          Essential plot rundown:  A man decides to go on a killing spree after getting fed up with society.  When I first heard about this film, I was super excited to see it.  I thought it looked really good because I also get tired of people and constantly want to punch them in the face.  So, I just had to see it.  And while it was good, I was a little disappointed.

          My biggest complaint was Frank's female sidekick, Roxy.  She is really annoying.  While Frank has a rhyme and reason to the people he wants to kill, Roxy just wants to kill anyone she doesn't like.  I actually thought she embodied everything that Frank was against and was surprised that he didn't kill her.

          I also thought the movie was heavy handed.  It was trying to make a point, teach a lesson, but it was not subtle about it at all.  At the beginning of the film, Frank tells his coworker about everything that is wrong with our society.  He then makes the same speech again at the end of the film.  I think it would have been better just to show him killing the people he doesn't think deserve to live:  show the people doing whatever it is that's wrong and then him killing them.  We don't need him to spell it out for us, we can figure it out.  So, I thought the whole theme of the film was handled a little clumsily.  And oddly enough, the movie wasn't as graphic as I was expecting.

          But other than that, it's a decent movie.  A little inconsistent at times, but entertaining.  The acting was good and you could totally understand (and fell sorry for) Frank.  Worth checking out if you like black comedies, though a lot of people on the internet were complaining about the politics.  But, whatever.

     But that's just my opinion...

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