01 November 2012

Horror Shorts

          I wanted to post these yesterday for Halloween, but I was uber busy.  So I'm doing it now.  These are just some short films that are kind of scary/Halloweenish.

          Saw - Before Saw was made into a feature length film, the filmmakers took a scene from the script and adapted into a short film.  They then showed the film to people in order to get funding for the project.  (As for as I know).  While not gory or explicit (there is some blood though), it is pretty disturbing.

     Watch short HERE

          Meshes of the Afternoon - This is an experimental film with some pretty cool visuals.  This isn't really a horror, but it is kind of creepy.

     Click HERE to watch

          Red Riding Hood - So, I found this one some website where, I believe, anyone can create content and upload it.  But, for coming from an amateur, it is a little chilling.  The only thing is: what's up with the uncle?

     HERE it is

          Mamá - This one is being made into a feature length film.  Sometimes, when they expand shorts to feature length, it is exactly the same story; but sometimes, the short is just a springboard for the feature.  So, I don't know if watching this will spoiler the feature when it comes out.  But it's cool either way.

     Clicking HERE may or may not contain spoilers for an upcoming movie

          Dead Island - Ok, so technically, this is not a short, but a trailer for a video game.  But it also works extremely well as a short.  This is pretty damn cool.  It is a little manipulative, but it works.  And this is by far the most graphic video of the bunch.  But it's worth it.

     Watch it HERE

          And if any of these go offline, let me know and I'll repost a different link.  Or, you could just not be lazy and find it yourself.  Whatever works for you.

     But that's just my opinion   

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