23 April 2013

Les Misérables (2012)

          Essential plot rundown:  Wolverine and Catwoman sing in France.  So this was based on a musical that was based on a book that was based on a Saturday morning cartoon.  I went in with high hopes for this movie, but I left disappointed and bored.

          Les Misérables probably has to be the biggest let down I've seen in a while.  It was nominated/won some things and I've only heard good things about it.  But, halfway through the movie I was bored and wondering when it was going to be over.

          I think the biggest problem was that I didn't connect with any of the characters.  I didn't feel for them or care for them.  I think that that may have been because there is no dialogue; it is all musical numbers.  And I have a hard time understand people when they sing, so I didn't know what they were singing about.  Maybe if they had speaking lines like most musicals do, I may have connected better with them.

          And speaking of the musicals, I though they were kind of meh.  None of them were memorable; none of them stood out.  The songs weren't bad, they just weren't particular good.  But I though all of the actors did a good job singing.  Crowe's singing took a little to get used to, but it was good.  And I thought the little kids did really good as well, not only with their singing but with their acting too.  I thought they both were really good all around.

          I also felt that Sacha Baron Cohen's and Helena Bonham Carter's characters were distracting.  I know they were suppose to be comic relief or whatever, but it didn't work for me.  Whenever they were on screen it took me out of the movie.  I have a hard time taking Sacha Baron Cohen seriously.  (I also didn't like him in Hugo).

          And the love story felt extremely forced.  Cosette and Marius falling in love after only seeing each other from a distance?  Give me a break.  They only talked to each other for like five minutes.  I felt Éponine's love was more genuine.

          And why didn't people move farther away?  People are always constantly moving, trying not to get caught, but they only move like four blocks away.  If they really wanted to escape why don't they move to a different country?

          But it wasn't all bad.  Like I said, I liked most of the actors.  And I thought the cinematography was really good.  I liked the close-ups with the shallow depth of field.  And I liked how things were composed.  It was a good looking film.

          But, overall, it was an ok movie.  I didn't care for what was happening on screen, but it sure did look good.  Would it be weird to say that I was more moved by Source Code than this?

     But that's just my opinion...

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