05 May 2013

Iron Man 3 (2013)

          Essential plot rundown:  Iron Man takes all of my money again.  This is the first Marvel movie to come out since The Avengers and it will be interesting to see where they take things.  And this movie review is full of spoilers.

          And considering this takes place in a post Avengers world, I didn't feel there was a strong enough connection between the two.  There are a few references to the events; but it mostly consists of Tony Stark not being able to sleep and having a panic attack whenever somebody asks him about New York.  I was expecting something stronger, something that would tie in with the plot of Iron Man 3; but no.  But, before I started writing this, I read a few reviews and they better explained the connections.  They explained that War Machine being changed to Iron Patriot was a response to Captain America and superheroes (not the government) saving the world and how his perspective of what really matters changed after what happened in The Avengers.  These things are hinted and while I didn't pick these up during the movie, now knowing them makes me like the movie a little better.

          But my two biggest complaints were about the plot.  The movie starts off with an obvious set-up for a revenge flick:  Tony Stark disses some loser, said loser becomes cool and powerful, he then seeks revenge on Tony.  Lame and unoriginal.  (Though, most movies are unoriginal; but they could've done better than  that).  It just didn't work for me.  (Now that I think about, the plot for Iron Man 2 also was a revenge one, but that worked).  I didn't feel it was a strong enough motive for the villain.

          And I didn't like what they did with the Mandarin.  I'm not comic book fan; nor did I know who the Mandarin was before this movie came out.  But I did not like how they made him a phony.  I imagine that some people would feel the same way about this as they did about Bane in TDKR.  They make him appear all awesome and badass, but it turns out he's just a drunk actor?  That's lame and really disappointing.  I could see how that could work, but not in Iron Man 3.  It is an interesting concept and would be cool to see, but don't do it in a superhero movie.  I really wanted to see Iron Man face the Mandarin.

          The rest of the things are just mild complaints.  I didn't like how they changed Pepper into the fire thing only to change her back two seconds later.  If you're going to kill her, kill her.  If you are going to changer her, change her.  But don't do a "just kidding, she's not really dead" and immediately follow it with a "just kidding again, she's not going to be a fire thing."  Just pick one and go with it.  Have Iron Patriot save her or something.

          But, one of my favorite parts of the movie involved Pepper.  That was when Tony's house gets blown up and he activates his armor.  You think it is going to him, but instead it attaches to Pepper and saves her.  I thought that moment was moving and revealing of Tony's character.  And was a cool moment.

          At first, I thought the part with all of the Iron Man suits was kind of corny.  I saw that in the trailer and was dreading it.  It was a little silly at first, but then you get caught up in the excitement of the scene and go with it.  And it was cool to see some new technology that Tony had created.

          And what is up with the extreme fire guys?  How come some die by a single gun shot, whereas others get shot multiple times without stopping?  And how is it that some of them get killed by a laser gun but others have to be blown up multiple times before they are stopped.  And is he breathing fire?

          And why didn't Tony remove the shards in his heart in the first movie, after he got out of the cave?  He had access to a hospital then

          But overall it was a really good movie.  The action was great.  The acting was good.  I really liked Ben Kingsley.  It was also really funny.  It had a kid in it that wasn't annoying.  I might have to say I may have liked this one better than the first.  It is a close call...

     But that's just my opinion...

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