30 January 2012

Everything Is a Remix

          I found this interesting web series after my friend tweeted it.  (I guess it's a good thing I finally got Twitter.)  It is called Everything Is a Remix and it was created by Kirby Ferguson, a filmmaker.  It is a 4 part series, talking about creativity and where it comes from.  Ferguson claims that creativity is really taking old ideas and making them new.  He says that there are no real "new" ideas; just ones that have been "remixed" from others.

          In the first video he basically talks about how bands (Led Zeppelin in particular) copied those that came before them.  The second video focuses more on movies by explaining how George Lucas, while creating Star Wars, essentially did the same thing:  borrow elements from previous movies.  In the third part, He explains how Apple took an idea by Xerox, bettered it and gave rise to the modern computer.  The fourth video is about...I  don't know.  It hasn't been released at the time of me remixing previous ideas into this blog.

     Click HERE to watch the web series.

          As Ferguson says in the videos:  Creativity isn’t magic.  It happens by applying ordinary tools of thought to existing materials.

     Here is another VIDEO he made about The Matrix.  It is also on the above website.

     But that's just my opinion...

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