31 January 2012

Act of Valor (trailer)

          Ok, so I saw the trailer for this movie a couple of months ago.  But today, I watched a featurette about it and decided it was too awesome not to share.  So, Act of Valor is a movie about Navy Seals doing their thing.  (I'm not sure about plot details).  I am personally a sucker for this kind of stuff.  I have so much respect for our Troops and Armed Forces.  I am so thankful for them defending our freedoms and for those who came before and gave us those freedoms.  So, this type of movie is right up my alley.

     Click HERE for trailer.

          Now, the thing that makes this movie even more awesome is the fact that it uses real, active duty Navy Seals.  They were originally going to cast actors, but then decided to get the real deal.  And, it's supposedly base on real Navy Seal missions.  So, that makes me excited to see it.  But then I watched this:


          They use real bullets!  Yea, real bullets; not blanks.  That is so awesome.  You thought it couldn't get any more realistic with the active duty Seals, but then they throw live rounds in your face.  I'm no gun expert so I don't know how much of a difference it actually makes.  However, just the fact that they did it is awesome.  (I think that awesome is the best word to describe this movie).

          So, yea.  That's basically it.  It looks really good and I just wanted to share.  It hits theaters 24 February.

     But that's just my opinion...

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