28 January 2012

Unicorn City (2012)

          The essential plot rundown:  Voss, a gamer, needs to prove himself to get his dream job, so he creates his own "utopia for gamers."  I missed the first 15-20 minutes, so I may have missed something important that could have changed how I enjoyed the movie.  Nevertheless, it was fun and I enjoyed it.  But, it wasn't anything special.  It was not the best comedy I've seen nor the worse.  There were some funny moments, especially involving Rhubarb.  The acting was good and the characters were interesting.  My only real complaint was this running joke of characters making out.  "Hey, these two characters are a couple.  We should have them making out the whole time cuz that's funny, right?".  Another thing I didn't really like were the cops.  They were too old for me.  And at one point, the actions of one seemed really unnatural.  Why would she do that?  But, overall it was a decent flick.  I'd recommend it if there wasn't anything better to see.

     But that's just my opinion...

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