17 February 2012

GI JOE: Retaliation (trailer)

          Ok, this trailer came about a while ago and I've been wanting to talk about it but just haven't had the time.  But, then I saw the international trailer today and decided that I just had to do it.

     HERE is the first trailer that was released about 2 months ago.

          So, first off.  Dwayne Johnson introduces the trailer.  Now, that gets me excited from the get-go.  He is pretty awesome.  Pretty much every movie he's done is good.  (Wait, was he in Tooth Fairy?...Oh, never mind then).  But just the fact alone that he's in GI Joe automatically doubles it's potential.

          Then the trailer starts.  That same guy as before is in it.  But then they are attacked!  And it reveals that the US President ordered them to be "terminated with extreme prejudice".  Which is AWESOME!  Now, the 1st one (while entertaining) was a crappy movie.  So, it's natural that they would want to "reboot" the sequel, give it a different feel.  And what better way to do that than to kill everyone off from the 1st?  Now, it doesn't show Marlon Wayans getting gunned down.  But I think it's safe to assume that the reason for the termination was to have an explanation as to why the old characters aren't in the sequel.  As oppose to just writing them out, the filmmakers put in a reason for their absence.  (And this reason is a lot cooler than the reason for Megan Fox's absence in Transformers 3).

          But, the best part happens at the end.  That one guy is like, "We can't trust anyone."  And Dwayne Johnson says, "There is someone."  And then Bruce Willis pops up out of an El Camino, guns blazing!  When I first saw that, I literally jumped out of my seat, slapped my leg (I usually slap things when I get excited) and probably bit my knuckle.  I love Bruce Willis!!  If I thought it looked way better because of Dwayne Johnson, it quadripled in awesomeness as soon as Bruce Willis' dome appeared on screen.

          However, there was something that bothered me about the trailer.  And that was the repelling ninja scene.  It just looked kind of silly.  But, you can't win them all.

          So, that was my initial reaction upon seeing the trailer.  But, then I watched another trailer and had some more reactions.

     Watch it HERE.

          As I watched this, I realized something.  This man:

is Cobra Commander!  There's just a glimpse of him in the 1st trailer and I just assumed he was a Viper or something.  But this is how Cobra Commander is suppose to look!  Not like this:

When I first saw that, I was like WTF?  Me and my brother joke around and call him "Captain Condom".  The mask in Retaliation is a much needed improvement.  Good job!

     Jon Chu talks a little about it on this HERE link.

          Another aesthetic improvement was the removal of Snake Eyes' lips.  (See top picture).  Why did he have those in the 1st?  Good question.  He looked retarded.


          So, this film looks like a vast improvement of the original.  This is what a GI Joe movie should like look.  It actually looks good.  Everything is better.  I'm excited to go see it.  It comes out 29 June 2012.  YO JOES!

     But that's just my opinion...
          (except for the part of it looking better.  That's pretty much fact).

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