01 February 2012

Tanghi Argentini (2006)

          We watched this short a few weeks ago in one of my film classes.  And I absolutely loved it!  I don't even know where it start.  Andre meets this lady on the internet and convinces her that he knows how to tango (he doesn't).  So, he only has two week to get his co-worker, Franzs, to teach him how to dance before he finally meets her.  The story is pitch perfect.  It had me fooled the whole time.  The beginning perfectly sets up the whole movie, but you don't know it at the time.  And the ending conversation between Andre and Frans masterfully encapsulates the irony of the situation

          I felt the acting was great.  Andre and Frans were both super likable characters.  The look on Andre's face when she asks him to dance is priceless.  It was a little intense, watching to see if he'll be able to pull it off.  And he does, perfectly.  Andre is a great guy; the type friend we all need.  Overall, it is a charming short.  Definitely worth your time checking it out.

     Check it out HERE.

     But that's just my opinion...

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