07 September 2012

Life in a Day (2011)

          Essential plot rundown:  There is none.  Rather, what happened here is that people from all around the world recorded something during 24 July 2010 and sent it in.  And the resulting footage was edited into this documentary.

          I found this movie moving and thought provoking.  And manipulative.  At the beginning, it shows people getting out of bed, set to some really dramatic music.  It made it feel like these people had accomplished something truly great, even if all they did was get out of bed.  But, then again, isn't each day something great?  Shouldn't we be grateful for each day?  So, like I said, it is a little thought provoking.

          There is a lot of footage of normal people doing normal things, like cooking eggs or brushing their teeth.  But, there is also footage of extraordinary things.  One of the things that stood out to me was how different we are.  We all live differently, eat different things, fear different things, etc.  We are all very different and unique.  However, even after displaying all of our diversity, the film unites us.  The core of everything is the same.  I felt that we were really brothers and sisters of the human race.

          And there were a few statements that were made that seemed profound to me.  There were also quite a few touching moments.  Whether it was a boy catching up with his dad or a wife calling her husband who is out on deployment.  Whether they are talking about what they love or what they fear. It makes you reflect a little.  It also shows a cow getting butchered (which was kind of cool) and some creepy-ass monkeys.

          So, overall it is a really good documentary.  It shows how different we can be, but yet, how closely related we really are.  It's amazing that they could take all of that footage, sort through it, and create this documentary.

     But that's just my opinion...

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