21 March 2012

Nature is Beautiful (time lapse)

          So, I just watched a video that had links to some more videos.  And I really liked the other videos, so I thought I would share them.

     But first, HERE is the original video.  (It's a DIY filmmaking news show).

          He talks about some interesting stuff and has links to some other cool videos.  But I just want to focus on the time lapse ones.  Because they are really cool.

     Click HERE to see some starfish freeze to death.

     And click HERE to see the/a/this (I'm not sure of the proper way to refer to it) aurora borealis.

          These are amazing.  They really make me appreciate the beauty of the world around us.  We truly do live in an incredible place.  And I am thankful that God designed it that way.  And I am glad that we have the technology to capture, preserve and share moments like this.  It's great.

          And that's it.  Just felt like sharing these two vids.

     But that's just my opinion...

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