06 March 2012

What Makes a Viral Video?

          I am currently in a YouTube class.  In there, they teach us how to navigate YouTube, gain exposure and hopefully make money.  This morning our teacher emailed this link to us:

    Click HERE to go to said link.

          Basically, its a guy who works for YouTube giving a presentation on viral videos.  There are 3 things that make a video go viral.

     1) Unexpectedness:  Accordingly, there are 2 days worth of video uploaded every minute on YouTube.  So, in order you stand out, the video has to be unexpected and unique.

     2) Tastemakers:  These are people like Jimmy Kimmel and Tosh.0 who talk about and share videos.  This brings the video to a lot wider audience.

     3) Participation.  Viral videos allow for community participation.  It inspires people to remix, cover, parody, etc the original.  Instead of just being a consumer, people can now participate in a cultural event.

          That's about all he talks about.  I found it interesting and wanted to share it.

     But that's just my opinion...

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