23 March 2012

Stephenie Meyer (trailer)

          No, this isn't a trailer for a movie about Stephenie Meyer.  It is actually two trailers for movies based on her books:  The Host and Breaking Dawn: part 2.  I saw both of these last night when I saw The Hunger Games.  And normally, I talk about trailers that look good.  But, I decided to mix things up because these two trailers are too bad not to talk about.  Let's start with The Host.

     Watch the trailer HERE

          This probably has to be the worst trailer I have ever seen.  Why is it no longer my world?  And when were we ever battling for it?  And who is "us"?  And why will I become one of you?  I have no idea what this movie is about and the trailer doesn't help.  It makes me more curious to know what happened to the world than what happened afterwards.  And what is up with all of the creepy still photos?  I have never seen that before in a trailer.  Will the movie just be an 1 1/2 photo montage?  Cuz that would be lame.  Essentially, this trailer leaves me confused but with no real desire to find out more.  However, Saoirse Ronan will be starring in it; which gives me mixed feelings.  I really like her (Hanna was awesome) but I would hate to see her do something stupid.

          Moving on.  This is the only trailer I could find for the final installment of the Twilight series.  I may update it to a better vid when I find one.  But, I probably won't because I'm lazy and Twilight doesn't deserve it.

     Click HERE for awesome bootlegged-ness!

          This just looks ridiculous.  Bella says:  "I finally found that I could shine."  And by "shine", do you mean "sparkle"?  That seems like an odd thing to single out about being a vampire.  And the thought of Bella hunting down a deer is extremely laughable.  I would probably pay $8 just for that one scene.

          Both of these trailers just look really bad.  I don't know how The Host will turn out but the trailer doesn't give me much hope.  And I know that Breaking Dawn: part 2 will be so bad that it is good.  As in I will probably be laughing the whole way through it.

     But that's just my opinion...

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