19 March 2012

Prometheus (trailer)

          There's nothing really specific I want to say about this other than the fact it looks awesome.  So, when Ridley Scott first started working on this film, he said it was an Alien prequel.  But then later he said that it was just a generic space film, with no connection to the Alien series.  I'm not sure if there has been anything official said since then, but this is as sure as hell an Alien prequel.

          And it looks really good.  There seems to be action, suspense and drama. I'm not really sure what else to say other than it looks freakin' amazing!  I really liked the Alien trilogy.  I thought they created and finished a well told story. (Alien: Resurrection was unnecessary).  So, I'm excited to see how Prometheus adds to the world.  And I'm curious as to what and how much will be explained of the "Space Jockey" and the xenomorphs.

     HERE is the first trailer.

     HERE is the second.

     And HERE is the trailer for Alien for comparison.

          Now, if you're reading this, I'm going to assume that you're a fairly intelligent human being, so I'm not going to include a shot by shot comparison.  But here is a list of similarities:  1) They have the same title sequence thing.  2) They have the same sonar noise.  And 3) They have the same ship.  The Prometheus trailer has the Space Jockey which is in Alien and a quick glimpse of the xenomorph.  (I don't like to use the term "alien" because it's too broad.  The xenomorph is the alien from Alien).

     But there are two things that bothered me.  The Space Jockey looks like a tapir.  Behold:

And the whole thing about the different civilizations having the same pictograph sounds a lot like Alien vs. Predator.  But, other than that, this movie looks great!

          Prometheus will be hitting theaters and IMAX on 8 June 2012.  Or you can look at the countdown thing at the bottom of my blog.

     But that's just my opinion...

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